We're Brandon and Jaymiee, Have been together since Feb. 2011 and are separated by just about 10,000 miles but we're madly in love and will stop at nothing to be together!

until we're together again

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Anonymous asked: So, I met my S/O 5 years ago, and like - I always had a crush on him, and he knew. It's just that he was never interested in me because I lived far. Now, here we are 5 years later & I'm finally going to see him; it's for a year too! And if things go great between us during that year, I plan on going to school & moving there!

Aw! That sounds so exciting! Congrats and I really hope things work out well between the two of you! :D

Anonymous asked: Cute story? I have a little anecdote! :D It was a few months back; my LDBF and I hadn't seen each other in about 6 months (still haven't, but only 2 and a half months to go!). Anyway, we were Skype-ing as usual, and we were just having some childish fun. I had opened a Kinder Surprise egg and was trying to figure out how to build the toy. He was helping me out and I was being what I assume was "adorkable." I said, "Wow, I'm ridiculous. xD" and he said, "And you're also incredibly beautiful." :)

I melted, because he’s not one to express himself a lot. Also, he called me “incredibly beautiful” even though I was in my messy hair and pajamas. <3 So sweet.

aw omg that’s so so cute! :D


You’re across the world and I miss you.

Our Labor of Love

you guys should deff send me cute stories about your relationship because i have to go to work today and i hate my job 

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but if you loved me
why’d you leave me?
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So today I had to get a blood test and I went to shower after and I like saran wrapped my band-aid and I showed Brandon and he sent me the sweetest message “You’re just perfect. And silly and it’s amazing because you’re quirky and different. Honestly it’s my favorite thing about you. You’re beautiful.” and I can’t stop blushing omfg he’s just so sweet :D

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Endless love story ♡♡