The Wonderful Adventures Of B & J. The Wonderful Adventures Of B & J.
We're Brandon and Jaymiee, Have been together since Feb. 2011 and are separated by just about 10,000 miles but we're madly in love and will stop at nothing to be together!

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Brandon’s nephews are so cute!! I can’t wait to babysit and play with them again oh my goooosh!

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Anonymous said: Still hard to believe you're both twenty. You look like teenagers! It's adorable! Ah, I wish you two the best in love and in life.

Ugh I know, people always think we’re like 16 D: But thank you very much anon, that’s so nice of you! We wish you the best as well :3


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Anonymous said: The other anon was pointing out the date typo made it seem like you guys met about 90 years in the future. :P (2013 vs 2103) Time traveling ldr, anyone? :P

omgggg I read that wrong like every time XD sorry! and thanks for pointing it out! haha

Anonymous said: Do you know if there is a way to ship perfume overseas? Usps doesn't allow flamable substances to be sent so I'm kind of lost here.

You can still ship perfume, it just can’t have alcohol in it, on the restricted list on their website it says “Perfumes containing alcohol”. So if it does, I don’t think you’ll be able to send it. My dad’s shipped it before tho, I just think it can’t be sent by air mail, but have you gone there and talked to someone? As long as you declare it and wrap it properly it should be fine.
If not you could try to ship it with UPS, or FedEx, but all their websites say that if it’s not legal under federal law to send it they won’t and if the usps deems it unshipable I’d assume the others couldn’t send it either - also they are all hella expensive. But you should go in and talk to the postal workers and if that doesn’t work then I’d have no idea I’m sorry

Anonymous said: I'm just here to say that it makes me giggle because in your about us, it says your first meeting was in 2103... xD Not making fun, I swear, I just can't help but think it's funny how that makes it look like time went really wonky there

I don’t really know how to respond because I don’t get it ahh D:


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Anonymous said: the song "jet lag" reminds me of you and brandon c:

thats really cute! thank u c: