The Wonderful Adventures Of B & J. The Wonderful Adventures Of B & J.
We're Brandon and Jaymiee, Have been together since Feb. 2011 and are separated by just about 10,000 miles but we're madly in love and will stop at nothing to be together!

until we're together again

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I keep trying to get things in order before I leave and it’s like I do one thing and three more tasks come out of it
I just wanna be there alreadyyyyy

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I got my Australian money from the bank today!! It’s sooo weird compared to American money oh my gosh!! XD

I had to go look it up, and OHMIGOD IT’S SO COLORFUL!

right? different colors, and sizes and see through and water proof and its sooooooo weird!!!!!!

I got my Australian money from the bank today!! It’s sooo weird compared to American money oh my gosh!! XD

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An idea that popped in my head while getting my eye exam :D
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Anonymous said: Okay this might sound weird, but when you two get to see eachother, do you tend to almost cry at random times because you know it's only for a short time? Like I don't know how to get past that, I'm so happy I'll get to see him in almost 2 weeks, but I just get so sad thinking about having to say goodbye. I REALLY just wanna enjoy our time with out thinking about that. Any advice on how to not feel so sad?

I think I only got like that towards the end of our visits, but Brandon wouldn’t let me stay that sad, he’d kiss me and tell me that he’s still right in front of me and then make a joke or get me to laugh and we’d go do something fun.
But I think it’s normal for the goodbye to loom over you, but it’s important not to focus on it, and to be happy because you’re going to be sad later so living in the moment is like the most important thing you can do for yourself, you know? And I do think the goodbye hurts a little less when you know when you’ll see each other again after it, so if that;s possible you guys should try to figure something out maybe when you’re together!
But don’t think about the goodbye, think about the hello, think about how in two weeks you can kiss him and hug him and go get milkshakes and make forts and don’t think about the goodbye

Anonymous said: eep. there's like, just a month before i see my boy again and i'm so super excited and i just. i think we could be getting engaged and eventually married and travel the world and have cute babies we get confused and frustrated by and oh my god i am just. i had to tell you because i'm the "creepy" anon from before who has been watching you and brandon for so long on tumblr and omg. closing the distance makes me feel like i'm floating. that day better come soon for you too!!!!

That sounds wonderful dude, I’m so happy for you! And I really hope every goes well :P Thanks and have a wonderful time together when you see him!! :’)

7 days- im freaking out omg

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