The Wonderful Adventures Of B & J. The Wonderful Adventures Of B & J.
We're Brandon and Jaymiee, Have been together since Feb. 2011 and are separated by just about 10,000 miles but we're madly in love and will stop at nothing to be together!

We're together in person until Sept. 16 <3

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Anonymous said: Hey, I'm curious to know about how do you think a healthy relationship should look like? :) P.S. you two look so cute together! ^_^

Well I think it should be two people who make each other happy, are honest and loyal to each other and support each other
And thank you :)

Anonymous said: Hey Jay.. I'm the anon that got back from England on the 16th. We were finally able to talk & we talked about our "relationship" & where it was heading. His exact words were, "you like me a lot more than I like you." Then he said that he doesn't have feelings like that at all for me. While I was there, stuff happened. We even had sex. If he didn't like me, why would he have sex with me? I am just so heartbroken. He is such an ass at times, but I'm not ready to say goodbye to him. Idk what to do.

I know you’re not ready to say goodbye but he doesn’t sound like a good person tbh. And I’m sorry. I only know what you tell me and from what you did I think you deserve much better and that you should try to move on

So we made the cinnamon buns from scratch and they were so good! And Brandon’s parents liked them a lot so were bringing a plate next door to his grandparents too!! :3

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Making cinnamon buns!!

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Verbena Floral 
 White And Green Wedding Bouquet 
 Source:  http://weddbook.com/media/793416/verbena-floral

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Gotta love it when he cooks for me :3

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