The Wonderful Adventures Of B & J. The Wonderful Adventures Of B & J.
We're Brandon and Jaymiee, Have been together since Feb. 2011 and are separated by just about 10,000 miles but we're madly in love and will stop at nothing to be together!

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Anonymous said: Did you do okay on the plane rides? I remember you were nervous about them

I did pretty good. Apart from getting kicked off the plane for having a migraine on the way there, the ride wasn’t too bad and I slept most of the way there and back. And the other flights, there was no one next to me and I was in a window seat so that was good! thank you for asking


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Anonymous said: okay, this is a kinda specific question, so i thought you'd be most likely to have an answer?? i'm american; ldbf is australian. we've been visiting since tuesday afternoon. yesterday, we did a lot of walking in 100º+ weather and both of us ended up dehydrated and sunburnt. i def got heat exhaustion and he may have as well. we also kissed a few times and cuddled. he woke up this morning with a sore throat and fever. did he catch something? if so, will i catch something? any personal stories?

If he has a fever and a sore throat he could have caught a cold. That happens to me when I get really hot sometimes! You may not catch it though. When Brandon came here in the winter I got an awful cold and he still kissed me but I didn’t get him sick, this time round I did when I had a cold though lol. But just take it easy the next few days so he gets better and you keep you immune system up! :) Have a good visit together

The last date Brandon and I had was lovely. We went to see The Boxtrolls and then spent the rest of the day at Luna Park. We watched the sunset while going on the Hair Rasier ride over and over again, because that was the first time Brandon went on a ride like that and he liked it so we kept doing it till we couldn’t anymore. Once the rides closed, we walked around under the Harbour Bridge and then decided to get dinner. We ate at this place called Batch Burgers, which was really good! We weren’t totally full after dinner so we shared a dessert and then walked down to the water and watched the city for a bit before going back home.
That boy knows how to go out with a bang. I miss our adventures, and I can’t wait to have more with him.

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Anonymous said: Me and my bf are gona meet for the first time in a few days, I was just wondering if you had any tips for juggling school and being together?Its my first year of uni so I need to keep my grades up but theres so much I wanna do with him while hes here

It’s hard to keep it all together tbh, Brandon and I both minimized our work schedules when we saw each other, and when I had to go work he came with me and well school can’t really be messed with so we went to spend time together on the commute and then Brandon played games when I did my hw and I did the same when he did his.
But we still had time to do things inbetween and we’re both full time students. You’ll find plenty of time on the weekeneds and between classes and work, try to plan things you want to do around those things now so then you have a better idea of what you can do!


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