The Wonderful Adventures Of B & J. The Wonderful Adventures Of B & J.
We're Brandon and Jaymiee, Have been together since Feb. 2011 and are separated by just about 10,000 miles but we're madly in love and will stop at nothing to be together!

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Things between us took a bad turn. I won’t be on here for a few days. :(

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after three and a half years, you still get excited to talk to me and i still get butterflies when you say my name

(Source: aneonaway)

Anonymous said: so i started seeing my ex-bf again; we're ldr over the summer and ended up splitting over something unrelated to distance during the summer. now that we're seeing each other again he's a lot more mature and really handling the relationship better than before and has been consistently for over a month now. i told my mom though and she's completely unsupportive. i've had a history of abusive relationships and she thinks he's just like them she says i don't love myself enough and need to (1/2)

 go back to therapy. she says that i can’t stand being alone and that’s the only reason i went back to him and how it just makes her sad we’ve gotten back together. i don’t know what to say to her to make her feel any better because i presented it to her as recent news vs news that happened a month ago because i didn’t want to get back with him and then tell everyone we broke up again. i’m just so incredibly sad because i love my mom so much and i want her to be happy especially for me….

I don’t really know what to say anon. Honestly I see something like this going on between my dad and my sister- and I see both sides and idk. My thoughts on this are total gibberish and I’m so sorry that you’re going through this and I’m so sorry that I can’t help you and I’m sorry

Anonymous said: Keep us updated on the Christmas in Aus. developments - personally, I'm DYING to know if you'll be going and I'm SO excited & happy for you if you are!! :D

I will! thank you so much for being happy for me! I appreciate it so much anon! :’D