We're Brandon and Jaymiee, Have been together since Feb. 2011 and are separated by just about 10,000 miles but we're madly in love and will stop at nothing to be together!

until we're together again

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Anonymous asked: Hey jay :) just wondering, when is the best time to look for cheap flights to Australia? my girlfriend lives in Perth and im planning to go and spend Christmas with her

It depends where you’re traveling from and the exact dates. Last year, when I was looking to go to Sydney from NJ, the ticket was like 4,000 and that was in like August (when I was looking). But I just looked now and the ticket is less than 2,000. Prices always spike around holidays, so if you are traveling at all in December buy it as soon as possible!!

Anonymous asked: Have any of your packages you've sent brandon or vise versa ever gotten detained by the post office? Because i sent my friend something but it got detained and i don't want to make her go get it who knows where, but i also want her to get it.

I’ve never had that issue no. I know in the US, the sender is contacted and told why it was detained and how you can get it released. And after you do what they need, they release the package to the USPS. I’m not sure what country she is from, but I think you should look into the country’s system on detained packages and see what you could do.
I’m really sorry that happened though, that’s terrible :(

Anonymous asked: Me and my ldbf broke up because of his real life issues and he had to let me go and it was saddest thing in the world but in a year when he is done we might get back together and i'm wearing a necklace everyday that he has given me to always have him with me and i miss him so much and i really have so much faith and i think that in a year i will love him even more and guys please pray for this. i really want to spend rest of my life with this man :(

I’m so sorry anon :( I wish you the best and hope that things work out in your favor 

fucking wish apple didn’t screw with facetime. im so upset. it makes talking to brandon so freaking hard

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Anonymous asked: Omg I painstakingly made and ordered a photo book thing for my LDBF for our 3-year anniversary and I even put like captions and pictures of some ice cream we ate and a pic of my boarding pass when I visit him and I'm like half really proud and excited and half freaking out. Like, what if he thinks it's too over the top or something omg. D: